No More 22 - Veteran Suicides, Finding Help

May 12, 2022

No More 22 - Veteran Suicides, Finding Help

PTSD, TBI, Abuse and Depression – among other symptoms – account an average of 22 veteran suicides per day...

Article by Jennifer Powers
w/ Nate Brookshire and Doug Long –

Some Veterans may exhibit mental health symptoms, and if we stop long enough to pay attention, we might just be able to do something to prevent a serious incident from occurring.  Sometimes, no matter what regimen of prescribed medications, self-medication, illicit drugs and/or alcohol and even counseling is often not enough.  Maybe just being heard and to be understood and developing trust and connection to establish and rebuild relationships will help prevent a Veteran from attempting or committing suicide.

Always recognizing the harsh reality of suicide within our Veteran community, the goal at Freedom Sings USA is to do everything we can to prevent Veteran suicide and that begins with awareness. Freedom Sings USA (FSUSA) recognizes some traditional mental health treatment options may not be enough for Veterans and we offer an alternative approach for those who are struggling…and we are there for their families as well.  

Freedom Sings USA brings award-winning songwriters together with military vets – providing a creative and accepting environment for vets to connect, share and develop paths toward healing.  

Life-Long Support for Vets with Service-Related Injuries & Trauma through music therapy programs, creative expression, group sharing and peer-to-peer consultation, Freedom Sings USA provides life-long access to classes and resources for military veterans of any age. With in-person and online classes every week, as well as special events and seminars throughout the year, we are reaching a growing number of vets across the nation.

While some programs only provide a short class session for a handful of veterans, Freedom Sings USA focuses on the on-going process of finding balance and healing. At Freedom Sings USA, all veterans are welcome for life and no veteran is ever charged for our services.

Always FREE for Vets. Always HERE for Vets.
For too many veterans, the biggest battle is coming home... Freedom Sings USA is here to help them find their way back. One song at a time. One day at a time.

We know we cannot end it, but we can bring awareness and come alongside of those suffering offering another way, the human connection, the trust.

VA CRISISLINE - 1-800-273-8255 PRESS 1

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Healing through music and songwriting...

Freedom Sings USA provides songwriting and music-arts therapy programs for Veterans and Military families. Based in Nashville and Chattanooga (TN), we are now providing weekly classes, monthly workshops and touring events nationwide (live and online). Whether you're a veteran searching for a place to connect with peers, a songwriter looking to share your talents, or an organization interested in supporting our Veteran-focused mission, we invite you to get involved today. Music is Good Medicine.™