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We are a team dedicated to bringing our veterans back through the power of songwriting.

Welcome to Freedom Sings USA-Chattanooga

Who We Are

Freedom Sings USA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Chattanooga Tennessee founded in 2019. We pair professional songwriters with veterans, active military and their families to help them tell their stories through song. We hold weekly ongoing classes on Wednesday mornings and Thursday nights in 

Chattanooga, Tennessee and sponsor events and group retreats throughout the U.S. Those we serve need no musical background, only the desire to tell their story. In a typical session, the songwriter listens and encourages the participant to lay out the "puzzle pieces" of his or her experience. Together, they arrange those pieces into verses and choruses. The result is a complete song that they can call their own, then as alumni they have the support every week of other veterans who are alumni and to support new veterans just writing their songs. Chattanooga started as a another program but outgrew that concept to want to have ongoing support for the veteran and be a dependable source they can rely on.

Our Mission

Freedom Sings USA's Mission is to help veterans and active duty military and their family members who are experiencing stress to tell their stories through the process of songwriting in creative and therapeutic settings. When the story becomes a song...Freedom Sings throughout the country. We want to help as many veterans who are in need of what we do tell their story  with creative writing, music therapy

and vet to vet therapy.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to help as many veterans throughout the country and provide the model for the ongoing dependable support they need until they feel they can experience all that life has to offer them.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to establish Freedom Sings USA as a unique and viable treatment option, using creative and integrative therapies to help individuals recover from the stress of war and improve the quality of their lives. 

We are located in Chattanooga, TN

Freedom Sings USA-Chattanooga sets up right in the heart of downtown Chattanooga! Every week our songwriters travel from Nashville to write with our veterans.