Locations and Classes

Freedom Sings USA holds weekly classes, as well as numerous
live retreats, events and concerts throughout the year.
To get details on classes and other events, Request more info
SCHEDULE: Weekly Songwriting Classes (MONDAY - THURSDAY)
Zoom and in-person. More LIVE in-person classes opening soon.
Mon. Evening, 5pm PT/8pm ET -
California Vets Class (Zoom)
NEW > Tues. Evening, 5:30pm - LIVE Lookout Valley Class
321 Browns Ferry Rd. #159 (next to La Quinta hotel)
Tues. Evening, 7pm ET -
All-Female Vets Class (Zoom)
Wed. Morning, 9:30am ET -
National Vets Class (LIVE+ZOOM)
*NOTE: The National Class is weekly (every Wednesday on Zoom)
-- and also NOW Live+Zoom every other Wednesday
(please email us at info@freedomsingsUSA.org for more details).

Thurs. Evening, 5pm ET - Vet Center Class, Chattanooga
*NOTE: Please send email to info@freedomsingsUSA.org (ATTN: Chris Akridge) before attending the Thursday's In-Person class.
Sign up for classes here!Or EMAIL US at info@freedomsingsUSA.org
Little Rock (AR), Columbus (GA), Red Bank (TN), Lookout Valley (TN),
Murfreesboro (TN) and Clarksville (TN)...

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Healing through music and songwriting...

Freedom Sings USA provides songwriting and music-arts therapy programs for Veterans and Military families. Based in Nashville and Chattanooga (TN), we are now providing weekly classes, monthly workshops and touring events nationwide (live and online). Whether you're a veteran searching for a place to connect with peers, a songwriter looking to share your talents, or an organization interested in supporting our Veteran-focused mission, we invite you to get involved today. Music is Good Medicine.™