Music Arts Therapy Designed for Patients and Nurses

March 10, 2023

Music Arts Therapy Designed for Patients and Nurses

Announcing a new partnership with the VA and the VA/CDCE.

This year, the VA partnered with FSUSA to launch a program specifically designed for VA patients and nurses. With the success of a pilot program, the VA's Michael Dobbs is hinting at more big announcements coming in May 2023 (just in time for Florence Nightingale's birthday and the celebration of National Nurses Month).

According to Dobbs, he was impressed by FSUSA's use of music and peer-to-peer communities to promote ongoing and sustainable wellness.

"It's a great fit for our organization’s wellness goals.” Dobbs says. "We have started a weekly class specifically for VA nurses every Thursday and have plans for quarterly retreats, album releases and lots more. We hope to bring it to more VA locations by year's end."

There are currently plans in the works for a VA/FSUSA Nurses Retreat Celebration coming to the Nashville area where the program will be on some of the music world’s most notable stages.

“We are excited to have these opportunities to reach more veterans,” says FSUSA co-founder, Bobbie Allison-Standefer. “Freedom Sings USA has been refining its unique approach to music and creative arts therapy since 2014. Our partnership with the VA is an exciting next step for our program and, in general, the acceptance of music and creative arts therapies as a serious treatment for various forms of stress and trauma.” 

Look for more news on upcoming events coming soon.

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