What does "Giving Tuesday" do for Veterans?

November 9, 2021

"Honoring Veterans Legacies" was a two-day event in Huntsville (AL) - part of an effort to capture stories of WWII vets (some over 100-yrs-old).

On October 29th and 30th Freedom Sings USA was invited to hold a retreat for the Honoring Veterans Legacies in Huntsville, AL. Eight of our Nashville songwriters met at Hope Church in Madison to write songs for a group of WWII veterans, three of which were over 100 years old.

It was a touching experience for all who had the opportunity to be involved. They shared stories, tears, laughter and lots of good food prepared by our gracious hosts. By the end of the event there were many new relationships formed. And in a role reversal for our songwriters, the veterans were signing wall calendars with their picture for the songwriters who had gained so much respect for these veterans.

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On Saturday night a concert was held at the church with the performance of the songs written specifically for and with each veteran. There were few dry eyes in the house. There were some lighter moments when one veteran wrote a song about being a "Chick Magnet" at the ripe old age of 103.  It was a moving and memorable event for all involved.

Freedom Sings USA is asking for your support so we can hold more of these events and reach even more veterans. Giving Tuesday is coming up on November 30th. Please remember Freedom Sings USA and the veterans we serve with your donation. Thank you for your continuing support.


Veterans can heal through the power of music.

Whether you're a veteran looking for a safe place to share your story, a songwriter who wants to help give a voice to those who have served, or an organization looking to support our efforts, we invite you to connect with us and find out how to get started.